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Bayne Development Provides Comprehensive Construction Services

Our comprehensive construction services are sure to provide the best results for your project. Our experts possess over 40 years of combined construction experience and carefully apply this knowledge to everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the building process.

Scheduling, Project Controls, Estimating and more!

Our company provides services in several management areas required by any construction project – Scheduling, Project Controls, Estimating, Constructability Reviews, Full Service Project Management, and Owner-Agent Services. We are here to identify and minimize project risks for owners, contractors and subcontractors from the start of the design phase to the final completion and closeout.


Bayne Development uses the most up to date and state of the art construction management tools. Utilizing these tools allows Bayne Development to proactively plan, which inevitably saves time and money. Developing, evaluating, and maintaining both design and construction schedules starts from the first day we begin the initial design phase. During construction, we adjust these schedules to closely monitor all activities and analyze for any potential changes. Once completed, we utilize scheduling to accurately and efficiently closeout all construction processes.

Project Controls:

Through the process of data gathering, management and analytics, Bayne Development is able to provide a unique adaption to Project Controls. Proper planning and procedures will ensure the successful implementation of the initial, predetermined plan. A well-defined project management plan will ensure this expectation is fully met. Project Controls also allows for the proper efficiency and cost monitoring in order to effectively finish the job in a timely and cost effective manner.


Successful estimating is the base foundation for a quality and successful project. Bayne Development utilizes the 40+ years of construction experience in order to start the process off right. We constantly review and evaluate capital and operating cost-saving measures in order to better our overall efficiency. We have developed a set of standardized, cost-centric, performance-driven reports to assist in our construction estimating projections. This unique reporting sets Bayne Development above the rest.

Constructability Reviews:

Our Construction Reviews start with a complete analysis of the entire project development process starting with the initial design phase. From this, Bayne Development is able to fully understand the process and help to save time and money by uncovering problems and potential problems. The main objective of a review is to save money – by focusing on errors, omissions, ambiguities, and any conflicts – Bayne Development is able to minimize the effects on the project.

Full Service Project Management:

Project Management is the complete management of the construction process starting form design phase through closeout. By combining all of our services into one holistic approach, Bayne Development is able to efficiently plan and execute without compromising any aspects of the project and quality. By focusing on the big picture and the outcome of the project, we are able to deliver an extremely high quality project, surpassing all expectation. However, throughout 40+ years of experience we are able to deliver this in a timely fashion, and within budget. Our many licensed professionals, engineers, managers, and other staff take pride in their jobs and tasks – ensuring the customer receives only the best of care and quality.

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